Over the past 17 years, David Desmond has designed the interiors of several of the world’s most iconic estate properties. His work includes repeat collaborations with noted architects on such projects as the restoration of a late 1950s Miesian glass house on Maunalua Bay, an 18th-century style château overlooking San Francisco Bay, a white brick Colonial Revival house in Brentwood, and a concrete and glass beach house inspired by Donald Judd’s minimalist sculpture.

Desmond is personally involved in every aesthetic choice in his projects. He does not delegate design to associates or assistants. Collaboration is key. Working closely with clients, architects, landscape designers, artists and artisans, he develops interiors that are a unique synthesis of many art forms, wholes consisting of more than the sum of their parts.

In classical Roman religion, a genius loci is the protective spirit that makes a house a home. Desmond discovers the genius loci in each project. His preoccupation is not beauty per se, but harmony. Each of his projects has a distinct character, and save for a rigorous attention to detail there is no signature style. In the parlance of fashion, the standard is couture rather than ready-to-wear.

Raised in Massachusetts, Desmond graduated cum laude from Williams College with a degree in French, and subsequently studied design at the Ecole supérieure d’arts graphiques Penninghen. As a young man he briefly changed course, moved to Los Angeles and obtained a law degree from UCLA. Lawyering by day, his passion for the decorative arts led him back to UCLA, where he studied architecture and interior design. Desmond launched his firm in 2000.